Whilst thinking about a new kitchen, there must have been something which sparked it such as a need for more space, a picture of another kitchen style, or just time for a refresh. To ensure that these desires are covered, make sure to write them down and share them with your kitchen designer. With this, it’s a great idea to bring along a mood board or a collection of images which help explain to the designer what you want from your kitchen design. Creating a mood board of your styles can really help the process and enable the kitchen designer to give you everything you want, at a reasonable price.


What is a mood board?


A mood board is a large collection of images which you assemble because you like a certain aspect such as the design style, work surfaces, taps or the hanging lights. It doesn’t just have to include pictures of kitchens; it can be textures, colours, patterns or places which inspire you and influence your design. Why not take a couple of pictures whilst you’re out and about? If you see a sink or colour that you love, take a snap and include this in your collection.



Digital mood board

Pinterest is a great way to collect all your thoughts on a digital platform. Take a step into the digital age and put down the paper and glue! Pinterest can collate all your images in one place with easy browsing and sharing of images. You can upload your own or ‘pin’ other photos which you love.


How can a mood board help?

You may think mood board, really? But it doesn’t matter how creative you are, all your kitchen designer will want to see is your style and preference so they can gain an idea of the things you like right from the start. Pictures are a really good way of describing exactly what you want – saving time and making it just what you want! The idea of creating a mood board might be daunting, but it can be really simple and fun!