Granite work surfaces always looks absolutely stunning in every kitchen. They are sleek and smooth, can be highly polished or honed to give a matt finish. They are very easy to keep clean, extremely hard and not easily marked or damaged.

When purchasing Natural Granite for your kitchen work surfaces it must be appreciated that these materials are in most cases over 300 million years old, and from parts of the world that has in the past constantly moved, by the continents and seas changing places, by the earth movement, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Therefore, in the course of developing a quarry, considerable variation may occur in the colouration and veining in some of the types of granite extracted. For the above reasons uniformity of appearance should not be expected. Each piece is unique and two pieces will never be exactly the same.

Whether you are considering a complete new kitchen, a refurbished update to your existing kitchen or just replacement work surfaces our Glastonbury showroom is the place to visit. We have numerous samples of different granites from plain black ebony through to the rich golds of Kashmir Sandstorm to the shimmering greens of Emerald Pearl – we have a colour to suit every kitchen.

This picture shows Blue Pearl Granite & Harvest Gold Granite both in a polished finish.

Our staff are always available to give help and advice & guidance on all aspects of kitchen work surfaces