We use our kitchen in a very different way to how our grandparents used them. Today we have many labour saving devices – food processors, bread making machines, juicers etc.  Many off us do a big shop just once a week or maybe have our groceries delivered which means we need more storage space in our kitchens than ever before.

Corners are the worse place for being difficult to get to … but not any longer. We at John Franklin Kitchens use storage solutions wherever possible to make access easier and to use every available space in your new kitchen.

As we manufacture in our Glastonbury workshop to bespoke designs and sizes we can often make use of space that would possibly be wasted by standard size cabinets but storage solutions can always be helpful.

This shows a 3/4 carousel basket set that can be used in a 900mm x 900mm corner unit – perfect for keeping tins and packet, saucepans or general kitchen gadgets.

The Lemans fits perfectly into a blind corner base unit. The 2 individual shelves swing right out into the kitchen for easy access.

A 150mm pull out bottle rack is perfect to fit snuggly into a narrow space where bottle, spices, oils and vinegars can be kept for instant use while cooking.

A spice rack on the inside of a wall unit door keeps all your spices in the correct place and ready to grab for that perfect curry flavour!

There are many options including magic corners, larder units, tray spaces, cutlery inserts and waste bins that are all designed to help in your kitchen.

We have many of these storage accessories on display in our showroom.  Why not call in for coffee and have a browse?