When it comes to finding your perfect kitchen, there are many different things you need to consider. Planning is essential. You have ideas bouncing around in your head, magazine cuttings and Pinterest boards full of inspiration. Putting all these ideas together and analysing what you need and want for your kitchen, enables you to equip your kitchen designer with the right information to design and purchase your perfect kitchen.


Assess all your requirements

You need to assess why you are making this change and what you want to improve. Start by making a list of all the things you like and dislike about your current kitchen, as this is a great visual way to make decisions. This will help you analyse what you want in your brand-new kitchen. The list can include anything from storage space to unwanted microwave or the colour scheme. This will help narrow your focus on your perfect kitchen and give you the best outcome for what you want to achieve.


Ask yourself

What do you use your kitchen for? Will you be preparing lots of food? – if so, you may decide to have more clear space on your worktop for this preparation or include an island which is perfect for prepping food. Do you entertain in your kitchen? – you may need a seating area. Do you use lots of appliances which need space on the worktop? You need to consider plugs, and positioning of these appliances. All these questions are small things to consider, but you should definitely ask yourself in order to have the best result. Equipping your professional kitchen designer with this information enables your ideas to be aligned with each other and helps them create the best design to suit your requirements.


Set your budget

You will have an approximate idea of how much you’re willing to spend on your perfect kitchen. Try to be realistic as a well-made, personalised kitchen may push your budget – but it’s your dream kitchen! Telling your designer your ideal cost enables them to be parallel when designing your kitchen. This will avoid any disappointment and helps them to incorporate all the features you require within your budget.


Choosing the finishing touches

Little details are essential for you to bring your perfect kitchen to life. Add your personal touches such as tap fittings, handles and personalised units. Make sure you review the design presented to you by your designer, so you can refine the details and make any alternations you may require. Every kitchen can be bespoke to your wishes – don’t be afraid to ask to adjust the design.

So, when you’re dreaming about your perfect kitchen, consider these points as it’ll help you pinpoint your ideal kitchen and create a great design with your expert. Pick up some inspiration from our kitchen ranges today and see how we can fulfil your dreams.