If you have a small kitchen, don’t let it restrict you from having a beautiful kitchen. Even small areas have great potential to be transformed into great work spaces. Design and planning is essential in creating a desirable room in the heart of your home. But don’t forget, you must work with the space, not against it. By incorporating all its features and sizes, you can create a beautiful kitchen and make the most out of the area.

Simple but effective

Keeping it simple is sometimes best, especially when making the most out of a small area. With a more simplistic approach, you can achieve an elegant space which feels bigger. Use minimal decorations to avoid clutter in your kitchen. If you have too much in a small space, it can feel busy and crowded. When thinking about appliances in your kitchen, think realistically. Do you need a toaster or microwave? These are large appliances which clutter your workspace. If you need these appliances, look for ovens which also work as a microwave which can be embedded into your cupboard space instead of having them on the worktop or use a slide and hide oven.

Storage space

Sometimes it can be hard to cut down on kitchen equipment, utensils, tins and cereal boxes as they are necessary in day to day activities. Therefore, you need to be clever with your storage. Nowadays, there are many effective storage ideas to make the most of your small space. For this, you need some simple planning to think about where objects and food will be placed in your kitchen, so you’ll be able to factor these into the space efficiently. For example, pull out larder shelving, beautiful wooden pull out drawers can work perfectly in a small kitchen cupboard or┬ácarousel shelves in your cupboards, so you can get 360 degrees view of your food.

Keep it clean

Make sure to keep your kitchen clean and tidy as this can play a big part in making your kitchen look good and bigger. When lots of pots and pans are left on the side, it can make the space feel small and overcrowded. So, keeping the sides clear and clean will help achieve a simplistic, beautiful kitchen which looks bigger than it actually is!

Make the room light up

Lighting and colour schemes can enhance your space. Create a light, open space with natural or artificial lighting. Down lighters can be fixed under your storage cupboard which help light up your kitchen counters. Using bright lights such as LED fittings can give the illusion of a bigger space. You can also use a lighter colour scheme to brighten up your kitchen space, such as whites, blues, greens and light greys which give an overall larger effect.

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