This year, you may decide your kitchen needs a little TLC (tender-loving-care). You’ll need a helping hand as to where to start with your kitchen renovation. You may think a renovation is a big project, but really it can be as big or as small as you wish. Here are our 4 top tips to help with your kitchen renovation.  


1. Why are you thinking about a renovation?

Consider this – is it the whole kitchen that you need renovating, or it is a subtle update you require? This should be the first thing that you ask yourself when you’re deciding if you need a full kitchen renovation or partial update. A whole new redesign can be fun and just what you need, but sometimes a lick of paintnew doors and handles can be just as good! This can also help determine how big or small the job will be which can lead to more decisions such as budget and timings. 


2. What needs to be new? 

Sometimes it is nice to have everything brand new, especially in a kitchen renovation. However, if you’ve got a smaller budget or just want to be sensible with your money, you can assess your current appliances to decide what really needs to be updated. For example, you could keep your fridge and freezer as these things tend to last years but may need a deep clean now and then to feel refreshed! Some cupboards are in a good enough condition to be reused. A freshly painted cupboard door can really revive your kitchen look for a fraction the cost!  


3. Have you got a realistic budget for your renovation? 

Don’t get your heart broken when your dream kitchen is just too far out of your budget. You need to be realistic with the cost of a kitchen. If you want a high-quality kitchen, it’s best to pay a little extra to ensure you achieve that quality – giving you a long-lasting, dream kitchen you’ve always thought about. Let’s face it, a massive budget is not achievable for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want. This just means you need to work with your kitchen designer to create a reasonably priced kitchen to fulfill all your needs and wants.  


4. Deciding on a kitchen designer 

You need to make sure you can work effectively and communicate well with your kitchen designer. This enables the process to be seamless, removing all stress and worry around your kitchen renovation. The first company that you get a quote from might not be the right company for you. Whilst this can take time, it’s an important step in your kitchen renovation as they will be designing and sometimes even installing your kitchen for you. You need to feel comfortable with your kitchen designer and be able to tell them your actual thoughts, because realistically, you may not like everything in the initial kitchen design. So good communication is key to a successful relationship with your designer and ultimately a fantastic kitchen renovation. 


When you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, there are really only 4 things you need to think about. Once you have outlined these 4 points, you can be assured the rest of the process is smooth. If you’d like some more information about kitchens, please contact a member of our team today.