There are many myths around building and designing a kitchen. Here are three myths that are key to consider when designing your kitchen.

Myth 1: Style over practicality

We would all love a stylish kitchen – one that we fall in love with every time we walk through the door. Undoubtedly, the first thing people think about when on the hunt for a new kitchen is the overall look. It’s easy to be drawn to the style over practicality as you can find inspiration everywhere – in a magazine, TV or social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. However, we find that practicality actually trumps style. Whilst everyone may believe style is at the forefront of designing a kitchen, we like to ensure that your kitchen is designed and built to be practical for you and your families needs. Of course, we do not forget the style element. Take a look at our range of beautiful kitchen designs.

Myth 2: Bigger is better

Whilst bigger is usually perceived as better – a big diamond ring or an all you can eat buffet – it’s just not the case for kitchens. Of course, you need space to cook, eat and relax but this is possible with any size kitchen with the right kitchen designer. There are many clever solutions nowadays to enhance your current kitchen space, so don’t feel like you can’t have your dream kitchen in your small space. You need to work with your kitchen expert to make the space work for your needs and wants from your new kitchen. This will enable you to get the look and feel you desire.

Myth 3: Kitchen designers are a waste of money

Designing a kitchen can be underestimated. There are many aspects to think about which can be time consuming, costly and exhausting to an individual. Whilst you may think going to a kitchen company will be costly and unnecessary but it’s proven to save time, hassle and add value by using their knowledge of kitchens. They can advise you to make informed decisions about all elements of your kitchen. Cabinet style, work surfaces, colour schemes, appliances – there really are so many choices! In addition, the expert could contribute insights from their experience.

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