We’re taking a look at some of the latest kitchen trends for 2020. Most of us love keeping up to date with the latest trends so we’ve put together some of our favourites to help you incorporate them into your home – whether that be with a new kitchen or slight updates throughout your home.

Two-tone kitchens

The two-tone theme has been growing across all aspects of design over the years – we’ve seen it on notepads, clothes, plates, mugs and walls. This trend is more than just contrasting colours on the walls – it’s now expanding throughout the home and many different elements of the kitchen.

 Off white kitchen units with a mid grey coloured island.

Great trend for those who are indecisive or are creative, it lets you have the best of both worlds and be innovative with your designs. It gives you a chance to explore different options using interesting textures and colours together to give that two-tone feel.

Smart storage

It’s currently very on trend to be clutter-free and minimalist across all aspects of life. This filters perfectly into kitchens and the design/layout of your kitchen. In order to do this, it’s good to look at all smart storage options available as there are so many nowadays! Everything from jars and cutlery draw inserts to bigger items like rotating cupboard storage and Quooker taps to remove your clunky kettle from sight. All these options can be discussed with your kitchen designer with many implemented throughout our showroom kitchens.

 A Quooker tap takes care of your hot, cold and boiling water so you can dispense with your kettle.

Concealed appliances

Following the trend of smart storage and achieving a minimalist feel, concealed appliances are becoming more and more important. Unfortunately, appliances aren’t ever going to shrink or become unimportant in the kitchen environment so it’s a good idea to conceal them to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen and achieve the look and feel that you desire. It’s actually quite simple to work these appliances into your kitchen design such as having a cupboard which opens onto the worktop – ideal for a toaster or blender or any other appliance you may need to use on a daily basis but would prefer to hide from plain sight.

   A larder unit with packet racks – plenty of room for spices, baking ingredients and small appliances.

Another well-known example would be hiding your fridge/freezer behind a matching cupboard door. Implementing concealed solutions can give you that streamlined finish without impacting practicality and overall style.

Statement flooring

Scrolling through Instagram, there is a real trend for statement flooring. It is usually used as the key design element in the kitchen whilst keeping the rest to a minimal design – such as being paired with an all-white kitchen. Work with your kitchen designer to bring it together as they can suggest ideas of how it would work if you’re not quite sure. Be brave and daring!