The kitchen, that was once considered a space only for cooking, is now the heart of the home where we cook, eat, drink, laugh and entertain.

Islands are great as they can really transform how you use your kitchen, especially when you wish to entertain guests or enjoy others company in the kitchen. Whilst a kitchen island gives you extra surface space to prepare food, most add a seating area to their design giving it a multi-purpose as a place to eat as well as preparation. It creates a handy surface for the dishing up food, or to keep the champagne bucket close at hand for your guests perched around the edge on stools. If you decide to incorporate a kitchen island, make sure to consider your space and how you wish to use it to achieve the best outcome.


Kitchen islands are versatile in both appearance and use. Whilst most choose a standalone island in the centre of the kitchen, you can be really creative with their shape, choosing curves or straight lines to enhance the overall kitchen design. We love how this customer combined a seating area with a practical work surface for preparing food incorporating differing layers.


Whilst we love kitchen islands, you need to think practically too! Before looking at adding an island into your kitchen design, make sure to measure the space to ensure it will work practically with sufficient room to walk around it and for guests to sit comfortably, especially if you’re incorporating bar stools. If you really want a kitchen island, speak to your kitchen designer as they’d be able to find the best fit for your space.


Another reason why islands are so good – they allow you to introduce other colours and textures into your kitchen design. Your kitchen island can blend in with your other cabinets or be in contrast to your main kitchen theme. We love both as they both work really well depending on the space! The worktop can either match or be a contrasting colour.  Islands are a perfect area for a wooden work surface which give a softer, natural look  – often away from the sink and cooking area. Its a great opportunity to mix materials within your kitchen scheme.




Islands can be an ideal solution to house some of your key kitchen appliances. Hobs, sinks, storage – you name it, it’s most likely possible. We love the ability to play with the layout of a kitchen with the extra space provided by an island. Did you know you can even have an extractor fan incorporated into your island work surface now? We love the example below which places the sink in the island. This means you can rinse the wine glasses whilst keeping up with the conversation with your guests! Seating areas can also be complimented with a foot rest bar.


Decided you need a kitchen island in your life? Whether you would like an island designed to match your current kitchen, or a complete kitchen refresh, start the discussion to see how we can help. Get in touch to see how we can transform your kitchen today!