Like kitchens, a beautiful bathroom improves your quality of life and increases the value of your home. Never before have we spent so much time at home, whether working from home, retiring early, or simply not going on holiday as much. Waking up to a refreshing new shower or taking a luxurious soak in your new freestanding bath before bedtime is one of life’s pleasures.


Tip 1:     Create a wish list

It might not be possible to have everything you want but let’s try to design the dream! Show your bathroom designer pictures from home magazines or the internet so they can see what inspires you and help make your dream come true.


Tip 2:     Set your budget realistically

When budgets are tight it’s important to know what your spending limit is and what you want this to include. Think about whether there is anything you can change on your wish list to ease the cost. For example, if you long for marble in the bathroom, consider whether you would be happy with another finish.


Tip 3:     Research your company

·        Look at the company’s website and read their customer’ testimonials.

·        Look at social media, especially for progress on projects being completed currently.

·        If you have a recommendation from a friend or neighbour, even better.


Tip 4:     Select one company to complete the project from start to finish.

There are lots of components in a bathroom – more than in a kitchen. Letting a specialist bathroom company project manage your bathroom installation and coordinate the different tradesmen helps the work to progress as quickly as possible, minimising disruption in your household.


Tip 5:     Book a showroom visit with a designer

Make sure you have an hour or so to check out the showroom displays and chat to the designer.


Tip 6:     Book a home survey visit

The designer is best able to plan and price your bathroom if they have taken detailed measurements in your home. This is so they can assess the plumbing, the way the light comes in and how the door opens into the room, and how much space can be utilised to maximise your options. It also helps for the designer to see your style and colour schemes.

Tip 7:     Choose quality over price

Bathroom fittings range from cheapest to mid-range to “the sky’s the limit”. It’s possible to get excellent quality at a realistic price and that’s where your experienced bathroom designer can advise best.


Tip 8:     Relax and wait for your new bathroom to enhance your life