1. Style and Colour

Colour and style are key to kitchen design. Colour is one of the first things people decide on and sometimes a change of colour can even spark the whole redesign process. So, it’s a good idea to have a clear idea of your style and colour scheme. Your kitchen designer can understand you and your wishes much better when you have these set out in your first consultation. Take a look at Pinterest, home magazines or create a mood board to find inspiration for your dream kitchen. This really helps to clarify your ideas and give you the best start with your designer. Once they have an insight into your style and colour choices, they’ll be able to tailor their suggestions to suit this.

2. Functionality

It’s important to think about how you use your kitchen or want to use your new kitchen as this will help designing the functionality of your kitchen. Let the designer know that you like entertaining or baking as this can help them adapt their design to be practical as well as stylish. View our latest work to give you some inspiration.

3. Layout

Layout is important to add to the functionality of your kitchen. This helps make sure everything is accessible and in the right place. For example, have you ever considered the position of electric plugs? These need to be placed conveniently for your use. There is no point having them somewhere where they won’t be used. It’s a similar story with internal storage wirework and lighting – are you planning on having new LED lights in your ceiling or a hanging lightshade. All these things can be perfected with the assistance of your kitchen designer.

4. Materials

Materials are another important part of your kitchen design. Textures such as granite, glass or rustic wood lead to complex decisions. All your questions can be answered by your kitchen designer so make the most of your first consultation. They will have expert knowledge about durability and maintenance which can help determine the materials you use.

5. Budget

Budget, however big or small, you can achieve your dream kitchen. It’s important to discuss your budget with your kitchen expert. They can then help you achieve your desired look within your budget. It will enable them to offer alternative products to reduce costs in some areas and suggest areas where the budget needs to be a little more to achieve your dream kitchen.

6. Home design

You want your kitchen design to blend in with the rest of your house, otherwise it’ll stick out like a sore thumb! It’s good to show the designer some of the other rooms in your home, so they understand your style which can add to the finished design element.