Those trends that were huge in 2018 are slowly moving over to make way for new trends in 2019. Each year many new trends are predicted, and these are our predictions for kitchen design and style in 2019. Whether you’re looking for a completely new look or just want to update your current kitchen, here are some key ideas that are right on trend.


Like many of us, we use floating shelves and shelving units for storage. This is a great use of the space and practical approach for kitchen storage. However, it’s becoming more popular to have decorative shelves in your kitchen. Move over closed cupboards! Open shelving units enable you to showcase ornaments, store plates/glasses, jars full of food – literally anything you like! This style adds character to your much-loved kitchen and is a simple, inexpensive addition to update your kitchen.


Dark hand-painted units

Cream, duck egg blue and grey are the go-to colours for our hand painted kitchens. However, we’ve noticed that more and more customers have been choosing a darker option. For example, this beautiful kitchen painted in Farrow and Ball Hague Blue.

Whilst you may think this can make your kitchen dark and dull, we can assure you it doesn’t! Designed with the right secondary colour and lighting you can achieve a refreshing, clean look to your new or renewed kitchen. Take a look at our examples below or in our gallery such as Illminster Blue.


Contrasting colours

For some people, it’s really hard to decide which single colour to pick a for your new kitchen design. With this trend, you won’t have to settle for just one colour! Throughout this year, we are excited to bring contrasting colours into our kitchens. The most popular way of introducing additional colour into your kitchen is to have an island with a contrasting or complementary colour to your main kitchen units. Take a look at this example for some inspiration! If you don’t have an island, why not try incorporating a splash of colour into your tiling or a glass splash back behind your cooking area. It works really well too!



Minimalism is becoming more and more of a trend. The best thing is – it’s inexpensive! It’s easy to jump on this trend. We all have lots of gadgets, plates and bits which fill our kitchens to the brim but now, the fashion is to cut down and make everything more simplistic. How to start? It’s a good idea to clear out your cupboards, declutter and take a fresh look at your kitchen – what do you need, what you  want to keep, and where is it all going to belong? Only keep the necessities available on the worktop and make sure everything has a place in your kitchen. Are you a keen baker or do you just love your gadgets? We’ve got great solutions to help you tidy up your kitchen but keep all your necessities! Check out these handy cupboards which allows you to easily access your gadgets but keeps them hidden from sight. Perfect for that minimal look.